Kevin Britz
As executive leadership 
and career coach, 
enabling you is my primary objective. With effective programs, tools and techniques that impact your personal and work capacity leaving you with tangible results. 

Adding value to people's lives is what I do. 

Leadership by Design  
LMI Licensee 
Executive Coach
Leadership Coach
Career Coach
Trainer & Facilitator
Kevin's interview with colleague Heidi Poulton about his life and all the great expereiences that came with it
Coaching Philosophy and Approach
Kevin is a practicing executive/careers coach. With over 5000 hours of honing his craft his approach to coaching is to engage and assist individuals to authentically transform, help inspire and equip themselves with the tools to design, improve and expand their own performance. Understanding the importance of mind, state and behaviour and how this affects decisions and outcomes.​ ‘The aim for what we seek is the highest expression of
self in whatever that may be, how to do it and what that looks like.’

Understanding one's own behaviour and decision making process is paramount in affecting change. Kevin has a passion for helping people achieve their own personal success and to drive key enablers for each individual to use their own toolbox of techniques.

Kevin started his career working in various different environments predominantly in sales. Having an intrigued unbiased personality, he has always found a love and fascination for people and human behaviour. 
He later on found himself in different industries business development, marketing and creative industries but inevitably, still always working with people.
Kevin works across industry groups, delivering coaching and training services to the financial industry, telecommunications, education, government entities and consumer services. His strengths are building people, developing leaders, and growing teams.
His understanding of what drives people to successful behaviour is based in Neuro Linguistic, Hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy. How people use information and how to channel information to drive success. 
Today I help people advance in Management & Leadership Skills based in Neuroscience, Behaviour & Performance.

Coaching Work and Experience
For a number of years now, Kevin has used his expertise in human behaviour development in leadership as well as team performance. Customer experience and engagement, sales efficacy, the importance of effective communication and executive presentation skills has also been a significant focus. Accredited as a Master Practitioner in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy and Certified team and Business Performance coach. As a LMI (Leadership Management International) Licensee 

He also facilitates international leadership programs. We follow a strict learning ‘step process’ used internationally by Team Leaders, Supervisors, Middle Management, Funders, Managing Directors and CEOs who are growing and shifting their teams in pursuit of increasing effectiveness and profitability.
In the last year he has launched the “Lunchtime Series” and hosting this show on where we add value to people’s lives with topics on leadership, coaching, marketing and more. For more on coaching options click here.